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Epson Printer Driver is Unavailable – It is a well-known fact that drivers play a crucial role in printer working. Printing devices especially the ones delivered by Epson rely on drivers. Now, imagine a situation where your printer drivers aren’t responding or not working at all? Wired, right? It is one of the worst situations to be in as your device will not be able to print anything and simply show an error text. If you have encountered the same situation and wanted to fix the Epson Printer Driver is Unavailable error, then have a look at this write-up till the end.

Keeping the device updated is a must especially in the case of printers. A fully updated device will be able to work properly and will process innovative technology as well. But, if the printer drivers are not updated, then there are 100% chances that it will cause hassle for the user. To avoid this hassle, it is recommended to keep the printer drivers updated. If you are trying to download the printer drivers and you are struck with Epson Printer Driver is Unavailable message, then this blog is for you. In this blog, we will teach you some easy ways to fix this issue.

Troubleshooting Ways to Fix Epson Printer Driver is Unavailable Errors

Drivers are the essential component of any printing gadget. Without drivers, the printers will not be able to print anything and will display Driver unavailable errors. Therefore, here we have lined-up few tricks that will help you to fix this issue and get your Epson printer back up and running:

Re-install Epson Printer Drivers

If you have tried everything from your side and still you are getting Epson Printer Driver is Unavailable message, then you can adhere to the below-mentioned steps to fix this issue:

  1. Start the troubleshooting process by navigating to Start and choosing Control Panel.
  2. Move to the Devices and Printer option and hit the Epson Printer logo.
  3. Click right on the Epson Printer logo and choose the Uninstall option.
  4. Follow all the steps to uninstall the Epson printer drivers.
  5. Now, open the Web Browser and navigate to the Official Epson Website.
  6. Move to the download section and enter your printer name and model number.
  7. Select the operating system and hit the download option.
  8. Follow all the steps to download the same.
  9. Once done, move to the download folder and choose the downloaded file to start the installation process.

Update Windows

Like we said earlier as well, updates are important as a fully updated software will be able to perform up to its maximum. Likewise, a small ignorance related to the Windows updation can lead to the Epson Printer Driver is Unavailable message. Therefore, it would be better to update the Windows or download the pending Windows update. Here is how you can accomplish this task:

  1. Go to Start > enter Check for Updates in the search box.
  2. Press enter.
  3. Now, your system will look for updates.
  4. You will be prompted by the system in case there is any update available.
  5. Click on the Install Update option and press Ok twice to confirm the Windows update.

Use Printer Troubleshooter

Printer Troubleshooter is built-in assistance that helps the user to fix minor technical glitches assoicated with the printer. If you are getting Epson Printer Driver is Unavailable message, then you can take the help of the printer troubleshooter to fix the issue. Here is how you can do this:

  1. Click on Start > Control Panel > Search Troubleshooting.
  2. Open Troubleshooter and move to Hardware & Sound option > Select Epson Printer.
  3. Follow all the on-screen instructions to troubleshoot the issue.

Restart Printer

If the above methods did not come to your rescue, then as a last resort, you can try to restart the Epson printer to eradicate the Epson Printer Driver is Unavailable message. Doing this will eradicate caches & cookies from your system & printer. Therefore, it will be a wise decision to make. Here are the steps to perform this method:

  1. To restart the Epson Printer, press the Power Button.
  2. Let the printer shut down.
  3. Remove all the wires and USB cables attached to it.
  4. Wait for a few seconds.
  5. Now, reattach the wires and the USB cables.
  6. Press the Power Button again to restart the Epson Printer.
  7. Check whether the issue has been fixed or not.

So, these are easy ways through which you can get rid of the Epson Printer Driver is Unavailable message. We hope you liked this blog and you have grabbed something useful from it. In case you face any trouble while performing any of the methods or steps mentioned above, then do not hesitate to talk to our experts by initiating the live chat.