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How to Fix Hp Printer Light Blinking Issue – Are you an HP Printer owner? Facing technical issues with your printing device and don’t know how to fix it? If yes, then you have reached the ultimate destination to get instant resolution against all technical malfunctioning. Hp is a renowned brand that has created a stronghold in the market by delivering multispecialty printers. These printers are capable to print and scan at the same time while saving ink levels. But at times Hp printer users have reported light issues with their devices. If you are facing the same issues with your device and wanted to know How to Fix Hp Printer Light Blinking Issue, then you have clicked on the correct link. In this blog by Weservice247, our experts will discuss the entire matter with its causes and troubleshooting steps.

This issue can occur due to many reasons. The light blinking issues are among the most common issues faced by Hp Printer users across the globe. Generally, this means that the printer is responding to the given commands but the light blinking and flashing are completely dependent on the functioning of the device. Different colors of the lights indicate different issues with the printer. All those who are facing this issue can refer to this blog on How to Fix Hp Printer Light Blinking Issue to get reliable and accurate troubleshooting steps.

Major Culprits Behind the HP Printer Light Blinking Issue

Every blinking or flashing light indicates separate issues. These lights clearly indicate that is something wrong with the printer and the device needs immediate attention. We have received so many queries on How to Fix Hp Printer Light Blinking Issue. Therefore, we conducted our research and find out the major culprits behind this irritating technical malfunction:

  1. The flashing power light indicates that the printer is printing something.
  2. If the power and the resume lights are blinking together, this indicates that the printer needs to be rebooted.
  3. Paper jam is indicated by the flashing resume light.
  4. The open ink cartridge door is indicated by flashing lights.
  5. Any technical malfunction with the device is shown by rapidly flashing power lights.
  6. Broken printer parts or internal technicalities may lead to the flashing light issue.
  7. The blinking error and power lights indicate poor connectivity or connection loss.

How to Fix Hp Printer Light Blinking Issue

After getting thousands of queries from Hp printers around the world, our experts decided to thoroughly investigate the problem and come up with reliable troubleshooting methods to fix this issue. This blog is suited for all those users who are willing to know How to Fix Hp Printer Light Blinking Issue. Here’s how you can get rid of this issue:

Method 1: Reset the Hp Printer

Fixing an error such as this can consume lots of time but don’t worry at all. You can easily fix this issue at your home without any external support by simply resetting the printer. When all the lights of the printer start to flash or blink, then resetting the printer is the best option available to go for. Resetting the device can itself fix many issues associated with the printer including the flashing lights issue. Here is how you can accomplish this task at your home:

  1. Turn Off the HP printer.
  2. Unplug all the wires and USB cables attached to it including the power cord as well.
  3. Now, wait for at least 30 seconds.
  4. Reconnect the wires and USB cable to the printer including the power cord.
  5. Once done, Power On the Hp Printer.
  6. Now check the status of the problem.

If resetting the Hp printer did not fix this issue, then you can try out the second method and fix the HP Printer Light Blinking issue.

Method 2: Alternative Steps to fix Blinking Light Issue

In case the first methods did not come to your rescue, then you can try out this method. Users facing this issue have always fixed the Light Blinking Issue by adhering to this method. But keep in mind to follow all the steps in the exact same manner as mentioned. Follow the below-mentioned steps to fix this Hp Printer Light Blinking Issue:

  1. At first, make sure to remove ink cartridges from the HP Printer.
  2. Now, Unplug the power cord from the HP printer and from the power outlet as well.
  3. Once done, Unplug the USB cable as well.
  4. Have some patience and wait for at least 45 seconds before processing further.
  5. Press the Power Button and re-plug the power cord and the USB cable as well.
  6. Switch On the Hp Printer and let it become stable.
  7. Once done with all the steps, make sure to check the status of the problem by inspecting the lights. Check whether they are flashing or not.


To put an end to the blog on How to Fix Hp Printer Light Blinking Issue, we can only say that the light blinking issue is a pretty common technical malfunction experienced by Hp users. This issue can be fixed by adhering to the above-mentioned methods. Try out these methods and do not forget to initiate the live chat to get more in-detailed technical assistance against all your Hp Printer issues.