How To Troubleshoot HP Printer Drivers Not Working Error

How To Troubleshoot HP Printer Drivers Not Working Error

Many times you have faced the common issue such as HP printer driver is unavailable error showing up on the status of driver software installed on your system. The drivers are located at devices and printer section in control panel of PC. These complicated errors take place if driver is not working in fine manner or your PC requires latest updates.

The initial step is to check the version of drivers or the working system must know the driver status if HP Printer driver unavailable error pops-up. For removing this issue on Windows or Mac System, keep reading this blog as you will get the right access towards fixing this hard error.

Is this right to mention that you are struggling with error of HP printer driver not working?…Well then you have reached the authentic blog guide which will offer you the exact answers towards your queries. The driver is the main part of printer, PC system and other different gadgets. The gadget will not work in right way if the drivers got damaged. At the time when experiencing any fault that depicts HP printer driver is not available, so fixing this fault is the main thing a person need to do for making printer work in fine condition

The steps mentioned ahead in this blog showcase the right solutions for fixing the driver error. The disconnected printer driver creates bigger issues and not allows printing to operate in fine manner when making use of printer machine.

What is meant if printer is not working…does it state printer driver is damaged?

What actually means when printer driver is not available. As simple statement, this states that there is particular fault with drivers of your printer that not allows printer to work fine with your PC system. In different situations, this error represents software program issue installed on your OS.

In most cases this error happens if printer driver is not updated or disconnected or new updates required to get install on system. Disconnected printer drivers sometimes act as the major cause behind this common error.

Details For Removing Printer Driver Not Unavailable Issue

Fix HP Printer Driver Not Available Issue

The printer driver not available issue will not allow you to do any printing tasks even if you do any changes such as adding new ink cartridges, placing right amount of paper in printer plate and so on. The error will delay printing tasks and for fixing it follow the troubleshooting methods mentioned ahead in this blog guide. Yet, prior to follow with any kind of technique, you must complete different requirements. By finishing the requirements the troubleshooting methods will work faster.

1. Try Changing UAC Settings

In windows 10 or 8, the user account control will clarify you prior if windows try to make any changes. These particular changes are common which incorporates administrator rights. Outlined by UAC settings so it won’t stop you from installing important parts and drivers for your printer machine. Anyone can do this by following the steps mentioned below:

  • Always ensure that you are logged in as PC administrator before moving ahead
  • Visit control panel and select User Accounts for changing user account control settings.
  • Place the slider on level third, a level under always get notify and two levels above never get noticed. You will find that a container located on right side explaining the design of settings. This must state that when apps begin to create changes to PC, it must say suggested in case you want to make use of similar application and visit official website.
  • Tap Ok
  • Choose Yes if UAC settings window get showcased for asking permission to allow application on creating changes in device.

2. Accomplish Admin Account Authorization

The prime requirement which not work, yet and this is due to windows may doing a verification step. As the name proposes, the system will check working nature of your administrator account and will not allow wrong admittance to your account. In addition, providing extra control on all activities done on PC. For finishing this step:

  • Always ensure that you are signed in as PC administrator before moving further
  • Reach control panel and select user accounts for making changes to my account in System settings. Click on Verify located under your info tab
  • Windows may ask how you will require this code. Select email address and then click Next.
  • Microsoft will provide the verification number on email address. Input the number in necessary section and click Next.
  • Once account is confirmed, the verification step will be there for no longer and you will be able to install printer drivers.

  3. Choosing Technique For Plugging Printers

If the situation is this where you are making use of connection and play printer and facing different kinds of trouble, at that point you will be more than happy to hear that fixing this error is much easier. For managing printer driver not available issue, you will need to follow steps mentioned below:

  • Remove printer from PC which requires removing every cable and link associated between them
  • Make sure to reconnect printer in right way and follow the on-screen steps mentioned by setup wizard.
  • If installation wizard is not working fine then click start and settings. Choose device section for adding printer or Scanner.
  • Windows system will start differentiating the devices connected with PC. When it identifies your printer, begin following the steps showcased on display panel

Removing Printer Driver Errors in Mac System

  1. Always Assure That Printer is Installed  

  • If printer is wireless or not available for communication, it is offline. Make sure printer is ready for meeting printing tasks.
  • View the printer. If it is turned off or is in sleep mode, press the power key for turning it ON.
  • Always keep in mind that printer is equipped with paper in the info plate, the accurate ink or toner cartridges installed and there is no issue or light blinking on control board of Printers.
  • Rebooting printer and keep it on hold unless not ready for printing
  • Begin printing. If printer stays offline, follow the next technique

Resetting Printing System

Keeping the print system on reset mode will remove error which are related to HP and Non-HP printers, print jobs and printer drivers

Choose apple menu and then click system options

Tap print and fax, print and scan or choose printers and scanners tab

Right-click or choose control + button located inside printer box and then choose option reset printing system.

Choose reset in verification window

Input the administrator name and password and then choose ok to complete reset procedure.

Once printing system begins to reset, make sure to add printer again in the printer list and begin printing jobs. If printer stays offline, try the next technique.

Apps or Printer driver faults

  • In case you are trying to print from same apps without updates, quit it and try printing from local Mac OS software program such as Text Edit.
  • If printer operates fine, then the error is with device or with installed drivers on printer in the system. For keeping system updated on Mac OS, you can make use of software update alternative for verifying and installing latest version of software which will enhance the system display.
  • If printer driver is not available or not installed, download other version of drivers from download section of Mac OS or visit the official website of printer.
  • Make sure to follow the display steps and advances for installing the download printer drivers which is outline for OS updation. However, reach website of the product for checking if there is any other update and fix the errors taking place between device, Mac OS and printer machine.

Complete Reinstallation Process

As stated, outdated printer driver will act as the main reason in regard to printer driver unavailable issue on Windows or Mac. Along these statements, you need to get authentic printer drivers with proper checking so that you don’t have to face same error again while printing.

If this is the thing, press window key and R key together for starting run. Input devmgmt.msc on the box and click ok for starting the process After that, locate the printer driver installed on PC, right-tap on it and choose uninstall device. For removing printer drivers, choose uninstall. Get right printer driver package from official website of printer and install them on PC and look whether issue has been fixed or not.

Installing HP Printer Updates

In case there is no update installed on windows from long time, then this can be the major reason why printer driver is not working. Follow the steps mentioned below showcasing how to download and install updates on Windows system.

Installing HP Printer Updates

Follow the procedure for installing HP printer updates on Windows System. On making use of Windows 10, try to follow the steps mentioned below:

Stage 1: Reach start menu section and search updates there. After that, choose option to check for updates.

Stage 2: Click on options to confirm updates.

Stage 3: Now click on other alternative and install the updates.

Stage 4: When all updates of windows get finished, turn on PC and try to print a document and confirm whether printer is working or not.

Removing Error While HP Printer Tries To Connect With Wifi

Stage 1: Reboot devices

  1. For setting up printer for wireless connection, reboot printer, PC and router
  2. Switch off printer and wait for ten seconds.
  3. Remove printer power supply from printer
  4. Switch off PC or device you trying to print from
  5. Associate printer power cable with printer and then switch on Printer
  6. Remove power supply cable from wireless router and wait for ten seconds
  7. Reconnect power cable to router
  8. Switch on PC system The printer and other system is ready for making other connection. Follow the next stage

Stage 2: Connecting Printer with System

Connect printer with system making use of HP Wireless installation wizard for printers equipped with touchscreen control panel, WPS located on router or HP Smart software installation.

Stage 3: Try to print wireless network examine sheet

Reach HP official website, choose printer model and then look for option to print self test layouts. Print a wireless network test sheet and follow the steps mentioned on the screen for troubleshooting wireless availability faults. For additional info, follow on making use of wireless network examine test.

If the wireless connection fault takes place, reach HP wireless print center mentioned in English for extra info. Use wireless setup installation wizard for creating Wifi connection between printer and system.

Connect Printer Which Is Equipped With Touchscreen Control Board

  1. From home screen panel of printer control section, try to reach wireless icon.
  2. Select setup icon
  3. Choose restoring network defaults or restore network settings and then click yes for confirming your decision.
  4. Once the default network settings gets reinstalled, reach on the back panel of printer and select wireless settings and then start wireless setup installation wizard. The printer will search for available systems.
  5. Select name of your wireless network
  6. If wireless system is not displaying in list of wireless network, try to input new network name and then type the name of your wireless system.
  7. Input your system security pass key WEP or WPA key and then the process gets completed.
  8. On not having any details about your working system, try to locate your wireless WEP, WPA, WPA2 password.
  9. Once printer gets connected, the blue beam or wireless icon on menu section will begin blinking and will stay turned On.

In short, these were the basic steps that you will need to focus fox fixing HP Printer driver is unavailable and after trying every step mentioned above and nothing has fixed well at that time reach us for getting productive HP printer help services today.

In case you want right answers towards the error of how to fix hp printer driver unavailable by then talk with our HP Printer professionals through live chat sessions and let all the issues get settled under couple of minutes and allow your printer to work in its best form.