A lot of people struggle and get frustrated easily when their HP printer does not work properly. Dealing with printer issues can be tricky and can sometimes lead to further issues as well. The HP printer showing hazy lines or faded text is a simple problem that can be dealt with easily but problems like error messages or a silent treatment by the printer is a serious problem that requires immediate action.

HP Printer Not Printing

The problems accruing in the HP printer depends on various factors as well such as printer model, WiFi issues and major technical issues, etc. There are also some issues or major issues that are common and faced by most of the people with HP printers. Some of them are mentioned below:

Ghost Jams

It is a problem in which the HP printer says there is a paper jam but actually there is not. This is a major problem that is related to mechanical issues. In this case, people need to be calm and should not smash in the printer. The problem might have been caused due to the residue left behind by the real papers. The small paper junk left behind in the gears of the papers is the reason that the printer does not print properly and causes a problem. People need to examine this situation and take some action accordingly.

The problem of Printer Driver

The problem of printer drivers is often mistaken by the problem of hardware. It is not necessary that hardware is the problem. The printer driver is a connection between the computer and the printer. There might be some cases where the printer driver can be outdated or needs and update with the operating system. Also, the situation where people can download the wrong driver for the printer. In this situation, one can uninstall the driver and can update the new version to ease the communication with the computer and the printer.

Poor WiFi Connection

This is yet another cause of the HP printer not printing properly. The poor connection of the WiFi and the printer does not allow the person to work properly. Therefore, the wireless connection with the printer can cause problems if the person is not aware of the poor connectivity. If the WiFi connection is poor with the printer then the person needs to unplug it and try reconnecting with the modem. This is cliche but the method can do wonders with the working of the printer properly.

Clogging of Print Head

The person who is not a regular user of the HP printer can face this issue. The ink present in the print head gets dry after some time which is the major cause of clogging. This also leads to a cartridge signal on the printer or can cause the printer to print uneven pages. The clogging of the print head is a bigger issue but with simple solutions. This cause can be prevented by trying the paper towel method of unclogging the print head.

Loaded Queue

This is a very common yet major cause of HP printers are not in their working condition. After the printing, the loaded queue is thought to be cleared itself but it does not happen in most of the cases because of connection issues, postponed or when the printer is put on hold. The loaded queue of the printer can be a serious cause that can halt your work. Avoidance of overloading the queue is the best solution.

Apart from these major causes of the HP printer not printing properly, the least expected issue can be of the printer on its last legs. Therefore, the best solution is to call a professional. You can easily search for our hp printer support phone number and give us a call. We will provide you the most optimal solution to your HP printer problem.