Are your HP printers in offline mode? Are you looking for quick ways to your printer back from disconnected mode? It is one of the common issues which is faced by most of the customers. This is the most irritating issue which you face with your HP printer if it can happen when you are about to print an important document and your computer screen flashes with a message ‘printer is disconnected’.

If you are also frustrated with this common printer issue, have a look at these 7 easy tricks to fix your problem.

Follow These Simple 7 Tricks To Fix your HP Printer Offline Issues

Most of the time users are not able to find simple and easy ways to fix their HP printer offline issue. In this case, you can directly call the customer support team who will help you in the best possible ways. Still, if you are looking to resolve the problem on your own, follow these 7 easy tricks.

  • You can Reboot Your Printer
  • Look for a stable connection
  • Restart your Printer
  • Find out whether your printer is linked to the right port or not
  • Check the status of Printer again
  • Resettlement of wireless connection
  • Change the settings of your printer

Prepare Your Backup

The one who has to print any important report within the 30-minute deadline knows the importance of having a properly working printer. But your printer is cheerfully offline at the last moment. The best thing you can do is to keep your important things as a backup so that you can have them when required.

Check On Printer Connection

When your printer is showing an offline issue, you need to understand at the first instance that there is some problem with your printer’s connection. so, make sure that when you are printing any important documents you look after the printer connection beforehand. Also look after the USB, wireless system and wired connection and make sure it is stable.

Monitor Printer Status

Looking after the status of your printer is equally important as looking for the connection of your printer. The best solution is to have an auto-updated driver for your printer which deals with every printer setting you need.

Restart Print Spooler 

The printer spooler is responsible for every printing activity done with your printer. It is a useful product which allows you to keep the printing process into action or stop the present printing event if required. So, you need to check whether the spooler is officially running or not. If not, restart it.

Get Your Printer Driver Updated

It is important that you take care of your equipment well and so you should update your printer driver with time. It builds several other issues for you if you do not update the drivers. Updating your printer on time is a good solution to keep yourself away from the HP printer offline issue.

Including A Second Printer

You require some capabilities to include a second printer. You can give an attempt to try whatever you know or you can go for a better option of taking the help of any professional technician.

Taking the help of a technician to resolve your problem is always a better idea because experts know well how to solve the printer related issues. If you are not able to resolve the issues by following these simple steps then contact our HP Printer customer care number. Our technicians are there for you 24*7.