How To Fix PCL XL Error On HP Printer

In case client printing records utilizing one of HP printers, user may have had a deplorable experience with a PCL XL error. When printing archives, a few clients have found that the printer restores a solitary part of paper with the words PCL XL imprinted on it.

This specific issue is because of the printer experiencing difficulty preparing and deciphering pictures or extraordinary textual styles into a printable arrangement of information.

Rather than compelled to change archive, anyone can fix this pestering issue by designing printer to acknowledge one of a kind book and vector content – alongside other content later on – that may show up in the record you’re printing.

What is PCL XL Error When Printing?

The PCL XL Error shows up when a client attempts to send various archives for printing. One of the essential reasons why this issue happens is a tainted printer driver. In certain occurrences, the printer settings can likewise make the mistake appear.

What Is PCL XL Error When Printing

The Accurate Measures Guiding On How To Fix PCL XL Error On HP Printer

Arrangement 1: Renaming Files Associated with Printer

Clients announced that they had the option to dispose of the error by renaming the records identified with their printer.

  • On console, press Windows Key+E. Doing so should dispatch File Explorer.
  • Navigate to this area: C:\Windows\System32\spool\drivers\x64\3
  • Now, channel the documents, indicating the ones with the .gpd augmentation. To do this, click the bolt close to Type.
  • Select GPD File.
  • Change the names of the documents to whatever you like. Yet, before renaming these documents make sure to create reinforcements first.
  • Save the progressions made, at that point restart PC.

Next booting your framework, take effort at printing a report once more. Check if the PCL XL Error is no more. In case it isn’t, anyone can proceed onward to the following arrangement.

Downloading The Driver From The Manufacturer’s Website

The framework can miss the correct update for driver. In this way, regardless of whether experienced the Device Manager, user’ll despite everything need to visit the maker’s site to get the right printer driver variant. Make sure to locate the one that is good with your framework and processor.

Arrangement 3: Changing Printing Settings

In case PC has wrong printing setups, the PCL XL Error can appear. To fix this issue, user have to adhere to the directions underneath:

  • On console, press Windows Key+R. Doing so should dispatch the Run exchange box.
  • Inside the Run discourse box, type “Control Panel” (no statements), at that point click OK.
  • Select Large Icons or Small Icons starting from the drop list close to View By.
  • Click Devices and Printers.
  • Right-click the printer influenced by the PCL XL Error.
  • Select Printing Preferences from the choices.
  • Go to the Advanced tab.
  • Alter sending true input as Bitmap to Enable and settle Truetype fond for beginning download for softfont
  • Save the progressions by clicking Apply and OK.
  • Restart PC and printer.

In the wake of booting framework, take a stab at printing the record again to check whether the PCL XL Error is no more. By attempting these ways anyone can settle the issue of PCL XL Error on HP printer but in case nothing is getting done communicate with our experts via live chat sessions.