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Epson Workforce Wf-3640 Wireless Setup – Epson is the world leader when it comes to electronic devices, especially printers. For years, this brand is meeting the expectations of millions of people around the globe by consistently manufacturing quality-oriented, multi-tasking, and reliable printers such as the Epson Workforce Wf-3640. This is an all-in-one printer that is compact in size and can be easily carried to any place. This printer allows users to meet their daily printing needs in the most efficient and effective manner. But to avail the best functionalities offered by the Epson Workforce wF-3640, you need to go through a setup process. If you own Epson Workforce Wf-3640 and you are looking for some information on Epson Workforce Wf-3640 Wireless Setup, then you have landed on the right path.

Printers are everywhere. They allow us to carry out vital tasks in a much easier manner, especially the Epson Workforce Wf-3640. It is one of the smallest and lightest printers in the world that is capable to print on any paper size. Furthermore, the in-built battery and compact nature of this device allow the user to the printer from anywhere without even plugging the device. Such amazing functionalities make an investment in this printer a worthwhile decision. So, if you have recently purchased the Epson Workforce Wf-3640 printer but you are unaware of How to Setup Epson Workforce Wf-3640 Wirelessly, then do read this blog till the end.

Features of Epson Workforce Wf-3640 Printer

Before providing you the Epson Workforce Wf-3640 Wireless Setup guide, let us first have a look at the amazing features offered by this printer:

  1. It is compact in size and can be taken anywhere without any hassle.
  2. This printer is able to print on any paper size.
  3. It comes with an in-built battery that lasts long and allows the device to print 100 black prints and around 50 color prints in one go.
  4. This printer is proficient to print 7 black pages per minute and about 3.8 colored pages per minute.

Preparation Before Setting up Epson Workforce Wf-3640 Wirelessly

There are several preparatory steps that you have to go through before the Epson Workforce Wf-3640 Wireless Setup. All the steps mentioned below are mandatory and any deviation or non-compliance can restrict you to set up your device. So, here are the preparation steps for setting up the Epson Workforce Wf-3640 printer:

  1. First of all, ensure that you have a working internet connection. In other words, you need to inspect your wireless router and ensure that it is working properly and receiving proper signals.
  2. If your wireless router is not working properly, then you have to reset the router.
  3. You need to enable the Wi-Fi Direct Mode as it will allow the device to communicate with your computer.

How to Setup Epson Workforce Wf-3640 Wirelessly

The process of setting up Epson Workforce Wf-3640 Wirelessly is very easy. All you have to do is carefully go through a simple series of steps that are easy to perform and does not need any external support. You can perform these steps at your home on your own. But make sure to adhere to all the steps in the same order as they are provided. So, here is How to Setup Epson Workforce Wf-3640 Wirelessly:

Note* You can use the buttons of the Epson Workforce Wf-3640 printer for setting it up.

Step 1: First of all make sure that there is a proper connection established between your Epson Printer, Wireless router, and computer as the proper connection is required for an error-free setup process.

Step 2: Once done establishing the connection, unpack the Epson Workforce Wf-3640 printer and place it on a stable base within the range of the computer and wireless router.

Step 3: Now, connect all the wires or cords to the printer and system including the USB cable and power cord.

Step 4: It’s time to switch on the printer and insert the ink cartridges in their slots.

Step 5: Using the disk, install the software into your system and follow all the instructions coming on your screen to install the software.

Step 6: Once done, select the Wireless Connection option and select your connection window.

Step 7: Now, hit the Wi-Fi auto-connect option and click on next.

Step 8: Follow all the instructions coming on your screen and wait until the printer gets connected to the computer.

Step 9: Once done, Congratulations, your Epson Workforce Wf-3640 printer is connected to the computer.

So, these are the steps that you need for Epson Workforce Wf-3640 Wireless Setup. We hope you liked this blog and now you also knew the process to wirelessly set up Epson Workforce Wf-3640 Wireless Setup. You can follow these steps and do let us know the outcome. If you face any issues while performing the steps mentioned above in the blog, then you can talk to our experts by initiating the live chat.