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How to Setup Canon PIXMA TS9150 Wireless Connection – Canon is one of the leading names in the world of the printer fraternity. This company has developed a strong market by delivering feature-packed gadgets. The printers delivered by Canon such as PIXMA TS9150 come with lots of amazing features that take care of the user’s home and office printing needs. If you own a PIXMA TS9150 and trying to figure out How to Setup Canon PIXMA TS9150 Wireless Connection, then consider reading this write-up till the end.

The Canon printers are well-known for their astonishing functionalities, multitasking, low-cost printing, and superior built quality. But to avail of all the functionalities, you need to first go through a setup process. Setting up a Canon printer is an easy process that will allow the user to print from anywhere. All the people who have purchased Canon PIXMA TS9150 and trying to learn How to Setup Canon PIXMA TS9150 Wireless Connection, can read this blog till the end. In this blog, we will take you through a series of steps that will help you to connect your printer to a wireless connection.

Checks to Done Before Proceeding Further

Before we move to How to Setup Canon PIXMA TS9150 Wireless Connection, let us first have a look at the few checks that you need to ensure before performing any step. These are:

  1. Make sure you have a working and stable internet connection.
  2. Also, ensure your router is getting good signal strength.
  3. Make sure to use the WPA network or WPA2 security protocol.
  4. Ensure that the printer is on and properly connected.

How to Setup Canon PIXMA TS9150 Wireless Connection

After doing all the checks and tick marking all the boxes, it’s time to move on to the easy ways to set up Canon PIXMA TS9150 with a wireless connection. All you have to make sure is have a stable working internet connection and follow all the steps in the same manner as they are provided.

Standard Connection Method

Follow the steps mentioned below to Setup Canon PIXMA TS9150 Wireless Connection through the standard connection method.

  1. Start the process by inserting the disk that you received with your printer.
  2. If you do not receive any disk along with your printer, then navigate to the Official Canon Website and download the compatible printer drivers.
  3. Run the setup.
  4. Click on Next.
  5. Now, as a connection method, select Wireless LAN Connection.
  6. Click Next.
  7. Choose Wireless LAN Connection as Access Point Connection and click on Next.
  8. Make sure to keep the Printer on and also ensure that the green power light on the device is on and click Next.
  9. Lest the program search for network.
  10. At this point, an Installation setup process with a start and click Next.
  11. Once done, click on Cableless setup.
  12. Now hold the Wi-Fi button until the orange light flashes twice. Release the button once the light flashes 2 times and click Next.
  13. Ensure that the blue Wi-Fi light is flashing and the green light is lit.
  14. Click Next to proceed further.
  15. Now, wait for some time and let the connection to the access point get complete.
  16. Click Next to move further.
  17. Choose your region and click Next to proceed further.
  18. Select your language and click Next.
  19. Choose the program you want to install and click on Yes to agree on the end-user license agreement.
  20. Click next to proceed further and let the system complete the installation process.
  21. Click on Complete.
  22. If you are setting up the device for the first time, then click on Execute.
  23. Follow all instructions to align the print head.
  24. Click on Next to proceed further.
  25. On the user registration page click on Next and click on Agree on Extended Survey Program.
  26. On the Test, Print screen click on Execute and then click on Next.
  27. Once done, click on Exit to complete the process.

So, this is How to Setup Canon PIXMA TS9150 Wireless Connection. These are the steps that you need to try out to accomplish this task on your own without any external support. We hope that you enjoyed this write-up and you have got the necessary information for which you have landed here. We expect that know you are familiar with the steps to set up Canon PIXMA TS9150 wireless connection.

If you face any sort of difficulty or hassle while performing any of the steps mentioned above and you want to get help from the best technical experts, then do not hesitate to initiate the live chat. Click on the live chat option to start a conversation with the top technical support experts.