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How to Setup Hp Wireless Printer – Have you recently purchased Hp Wireless Printer? Do you want to set up your device? Well, you can refer to this blog as in this blog we will cover in detail the brief steps on How to Setup Hp Wireless Printer. Hp is a tycoon brand that delivers multispecialty gadgets including printing devices. The printers manufactured by this particular brand are famous for their multitasking, smooth printing, low-cost printing, and better-built quality. But to experience such astonishing features, you first need to set up the device. Below we have mentioned some of the reliable steps by which you can perform this task without any external help.

Setting up the printer is important to reap out the maximum rewards offered by the device. A fully configured and set up printing device will make printing jobs much easier for the user. Hp being a tech-oriented company delivers smart printers that make day-to-day working convenient for the users. Hp wireless printer allows printing anything from anywhere. This blog is tailor-made for all those Hp users who want to know How to Setup Hp Wireless Printer. By the end of this blog, you will have the in-detail answer to all your questions.

Why it is Crucial to Setup Hp Wireless Printer

Setting up the device is the first step to take when you purchase a printer. The printer needs to be properly set up with the system to work up to its maximum potential. Every printer has its own basic setup process. Before we dig deep into the methods, let us first have a look at why it is crucial to set up Hp wireless printer:

  1. Optimum utilization.
  2. Efficient printing.
  3. Remote usage.
  4. Hassle-free printing experience.
  5. Access to best features.

Simple Methods to Setup Hp Wireless Printer

Every printing device needs to be set up first and all printers have different setup processes which can range from wired and wireless. This blog by Weservice247 will highlight How to set up Hp Wireless Printer. By following these methods you can accomplish this job on your own. But make sure to follow all the steps without skipping anything in between. The wait is over. Here are the methods to Setup Hp Wireless Printer:

Method 1: Installation without Disk

The first method that we have covered in the blog on How to Setup Hp Wireless Printer is installation without a disk or CD. Here’s how you can perform this method:

  1. To being with, make sure to check whether the device is making a network with the wireless connection.
  2. Now, Turn On the device by pressing the Power button.
  3. Let the device turn On and come in a stable state.
  4. Once the printer reached a stable state, connect it to the wireless router.
  5. Now Switch On the system and open the web browser.
  6. Navigate to the Official Hp Website.
  7. In the search bar, type your printer name and model number and press enter.
  8. From the list of results, choose your device and look for the download button.
  9. Follow all the on-screen instructions to initiate the driver downloading process.
  10. Now, from the website, install the Hp smart app.
  11. Choose the Next option and let the system complete the process.
  12. The system will highlight the Ready to use window.
  13. The device is not set up and ready for usage.

Method 2: Setup Hp Wireless Printer to Windows

Hp delivers that supports both the Windows and Mac operating systems. Here in this section, we will discuss the easy steps by which you can setup the Hp wireless printer on Windows operating system. Here’s how you can perform this activity:

  1. Unbox the Hp printer and remove all the tapes or covers.
  2. Now connect the device to a working power outlet.
  3. At this point, install the ink cartridges in the printer. You can do this by opening the cartridge access door.
  4. Load the papers in the paper tray.
  5. Open the web browser and navigate to the HP website.
  6. Enter your device model number and look for compatible drivers.
  7. Click on the Download option and follow the procedure to download and install the printer drivers.
  8. Register the device with Hp (not compulsory).

Method 3: Setup Hp Wireless Printer to Mac

Hp being a tech-driven company delivers printers that support Mac devices. Below is the step by step guide to setup Hp wireless printer for Mac devices:

  1. Attach all the wires and power cord to the printer and the system.
  2. Establish a wireless connection between the device and the router.
  3. Now press and hold the wireless button.
  4. Once done, on the wireless router, press and hold the WPS button.
  5. Wait for few seconds and let the router establish a connection with the device.
  6. Now install the printer drivers by navigating to the official website of Hp.
  7. Follow the path: Downloads > HP Easy Start file.
  8. Follow all the on-screen instructions to finish the installation process.


This was all about How to Setup Hp Wireless Printer. You try out these methods and do let us know the results. If you want more detailed technical assistance against all your Hp wireless printer issues, then initiate the live chat.