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How to Fix Canon Printer Error Code 1702 – Canon is a world-class multinational company that delivers all-in-one printing gadgets. The printers manufactured by Canon can print, scan and fax in one go. These devices are best in terms of low-cost printing, quality & clear prints, user-friendly interface, etc. Due to such features, these gadgets have attracted lots of individuals to invest in them. But even the best have technical defects. Many users have reported Error Code 1702 with their Canon Printers. If you own a Canon device and facing such an error, then there is nothing to worry about as you have clicked on the right link. This blog is tailor-made for all those individuals who wanted to know How to Fix Canon Printer Error Code 1702.

With the changing technology, the methods of printing are also changing and so it’s the technical malfunctions. Imagine a scenario when you are urgently required to print a document and your printer shows you Error Code 1702. Frustrating right? The Error Code 1702 is among the most common errors faced by millions of Canon users across the globe. By you can troubleshoot this technical defect on your own by adhering to our compressive guide. Through this blog, we will tell you a step-by-step process on How to Fix Canon Printer Error Code 1702.

Common Reasons Behind the Canon Printer Error Code 1702

Error Code 1702 is nothing but a technical malfunction that emerges when the inn absorber is full. Every printer has an ink absorber that absorbs waste ink during printing anything. But before we move to How to Fix Canon Printer Error Code 1702, first let us discuss some of the most common reasons behind this error:

  1. Full ink absorber.
  2. Defected ink absorber.
  3. Harsh printer usage.
  4. Damaged internal components.

These are some of the reasons that can trigger the error code 1702. But luckily there are some methods by which you can fix this issue and get your device back up and functioning.

Simple Methods to Fix Canon Printer Error Code 1702

The time has come when we will tell you some easy fixed to get rid of this error. After getting numerous queries regarding this issue, our experts decided to invest their time and efforts to bring out the best methods to resolve this error. So, here’s How to Fix Canon Printer Error Code 1702:

Method 1: Reset Canon Printer Ink Absorber

This is the first thing that you can do to fix the Canon Printer Error Code 1702. All you need to do is follow the below-mentioned steps and reset the Canon Printer Ink Absorber. Here is the step-by-step guide to performing this method:

  1. To begin with, Switch Off the Canon Printer.
  2. Now, press and hold the Resume
  3. Press the Return To button and Power Button to light up the Green LED light.
  4. Hold the Power Button and Release the Resume Button. Follow this procedure twice. Doing this will turn the light to green.
  5. Now release the Power Button and Press the Resume Button again at least 4 times.
  6. Turn Off the Canon printer and wait for few seconds before proceeding further.
  7. Now check the status of the issues by initiating a print test.
  8. Load the sheets in the paper tray and run the print test.

We hope this method resolved your issue but in case this method did not come to your rescue, then you can move on to the next method.

Method 2: Change the Canon Printer Ink Absorber

The second method to fix the Error Code 1702 is by replacing the device ink absorber. You can either purchase a new ink absorber and replace it or clean the pre-existing ink absorber. Replacing the ink absorber of the Canon Printer is crucial to get your device up and running. Here is how you can change the ink absorber to Fix Canon Printer Error Code 1702.

  1. To begin with, order brand new waste ink pads by navigating to the official Canon Website.
  2. Once received, change the ink absorber.
  3. Reset the Canon printer ink absorber counter.

Doing this will easily fix the Error Code 1702. But in case the issue still persists, then we suggest you to move onto the third method.

Method 3: Continue Printing by Pressing “OK”

As a last resort, you need to press Ok and continue printing. Getting the Error Code 1702 means that you are already engaged in a printing activity. The best option under such a situation is to press OK and continue printing.

Final Words

This was all about How to Fix Canon Printer Error Code 1702. Try out these methods and make sure to follow the steps in the exact same manner as mentioned to reap out the best benefit. You can also get more in-detailed technical assistance from our Canon Printer technical Support team by initiating the live chat.