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How to Turn Off Brother Firmware Updates – Brother is a customer-centric company that always focuses on meeting the necessities of the customers. The company always strives to provide a better customer experience and provides automatic firmware updates for their printing devices. Keeping the firmware of your printer updated is important but it can cause cartridge problems and prevent you from using compatible cartridges. Thus, if you want to continuously use compatible ink cartridges with your brother printer, then you need to avoid updating firmware. If you use Brother printer to satisfy your home and professional printing desires and you want to learn How to Turn Off Brother Firmware Updates, then this blog is for you. We highly recommend you to take some time off and read this blog till the end to learn the tips & tricks to Turn Off Firmware Updates.

Keeping the firmware updates off on your Brother printer is one of the best ways to keep your ink cartridges protected from upcoming issues related to the firmware updates. Turning off the firmware updates will allow the device to automatically stop the update from downloading and will also help you to enjoy uninterrupted printing with compatible ink cartridges. Further, this will ensure that your system asks for permission before downloading and installing any update. Thus, in the blog, we have come up with some Easy Steps to Turn Off Brother Firmware Updates. All you have to ensure is to follow all the steps in the exact same order as they are mentioned in this blog.

How to Turn Off Brother Firmware Updates

If you want to enjoy continuous and uninterrupted printing with compatible ink cartridges, then you better turn off the firmware updates. Doing this will allow you to eradicate the problems that might occur in the near future. To accomplish this task, it is strongly recommended to follow the steps mentioned down below:

Through Printer User Interface

One of the Easy Steps to Turn Off Brother Firmware Updates is by using the user interface of the Brother Printer. It is one of the simple ways to get this job done at your home without any external support. So, follow the steps mentioned below to turn off printer firmware updates:

Step 1: Start the process by turning your Brother printer on.

Step 2: Now, from the printer display, choose the Tool option.

Step 3: Up next, click on the option All Settings and navigate to the option Machine Info.

Step 4: Once done, you need to choose the option Firmware Auto Check.

Step 5: Now, to turn off updates, choose the option off.

So, in this way, you will be able to turn off the firewall updates on the Brother printer. We hope this method comes to your rescue. But in case you are finding it tough to follow these steps, then do not hesitate to move on to the next method.

Disable Firmware Updates in the Status Monitor

Want to continue using the Brother Printer compatible ink cartridges, then disable the firmware updates for your device. If the above method did not help you, then try out the instructions mentioned below. Here is How to Turn Off Brother Firmware Updates:

Step 1: At first, navigate to your system desktop and open the Brother Utilities by clicking on the option Brother Utilities.

Step 2: Once done, choose your Brother Printer Model number from the drop-down list (if not already selected).

Step 3: Now, navigate to the option Tools and click on the option Status Monitor.

Step 4: Up next, choose the option Other Settings and select the Software Update Setting option by clicking on the drop-down list.

Step 5: You can click right on the blank space in the Status Monitor and choose the option Check for Firmware Updates if Other Settings is not included in the main pop-up menu.

Step 6: Based on the version of the status monitor, choose any option to disable the firmware updates and click Ok.

Step 7: Check the box indicating Check the information later and close the windows by clicking of X button located on the top right-hand side.

So, this is How to Turn Off Brother Firmware Updates. You can follow the methods mentioned above and accomplish the task of turning off the firmware updates in your Brother Printer. We expect that you liked this blog and know you are familiar with the tips & tricks that will help you to perform this task without any external support. If you want to seek help from the best technical support staff, then a team of skilled and experienced technical support staff is available to assist you. Just hit the live chat option to start a conversation with our experts.