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Canon Printer Not Connecting to Wi-Fi – Do you own Canon Printer? Is your device refusing to connect with the wireless network? Well, don’t worry, we got you covered up. Canon is a magnificent brand that delivers tremendous gadgets like printers. The quality and prolonged printing experience offered by these printers has attracted lots of users to invest in Canon. However, even these devices sometimes act wired and refuse to perform up to their capabilities. If you are facing Canon Printer Not Connecting to Wi-Fi issue and you have already spent hours online searching for a quick resolution, then you have finally reached the ultimate platform.

If you are a Canon Printer user, then this blog is for you. A working printer can do wonders for both personal and professional work. But imagine a situation where your Canon Printer Not Connecting to Wi-Fi and you want to print an important document. Scary isn’t it? If you are facing the same issue and wanted to learn how to fix this issue in no time, then you have reached the perfect place. Our experts have listed few simple methods to fix this issue. We will try to make things easy for you through our guide.

How to Fix Canon Printer Not Connecting to Wi-Fi

Recently we have come across many complaints related to the Canon printers. But one such error that has been reported by many users was printer refuses to connect to the wireless network. It is one of the most common technical issues faced by Canon users with their printers. The reasons may vary depending on the model and kind of printer you are using. To help you with the best resolution, we have listed the full procedure on How to Fix Canon Printer Not Connecting to Wi-Fi:

Method 1: Update Printer Drivers

What is worse than having a printer with incompatible or outdated drivers. Outdated drivers can halt the printer performance and may trigger the Canon Printer Not Connecting to Wi-Fi issue. To fix this issue, it is required to update the drivers of the printer. Here’s how you can do this:

  1. Note down the printer model number and SSID.
  2. Launch Web Browser and go to the Official Canon Website.
  3. Navigate to the Driver section and in the search box, enter your printer model name or number.
  4. Press Search.
  5. Choose the most compatible option and press on Download.
  6. Follow the on-screen instructions to download and install the printer drivers.

You can try out this method to eradicate this irritating issue from its roots. If this method did not resolve the issue, then we suggest you to move on to the next method.

Method 2: Restart Canon Printer and Router

A simple restart can fix minor issues and internal glitches associated with the gadget. Therefore, restarting the device and the router will be a great decision to fix the Canon Printer Not Connecting to Wi-Fi issue. Here’s how you can perform this method:

  1. Initiate the process by turning the Printer Off.
  2. Now unplug wires attached to the printer. Wires such as power cord or USB cables also need to be removed).
  3. Once done, wait for few seconds before moving further.
  4. Re-attach the wires to the device and Restart the Printer.
  5. Restart the router by pressing and holding the Power Button for at least 10 seconds.
  6. Now go to the Wireless Settings and choose the Network Name.
  7. Enter the login credentials and press Connect.

Once done with the steps mentioned above, check the status of the issue to determine whether it has been fixed or not. If not, then you can try out the third method to get rid of the Canon Printer Not Connecting to the Wi-Fi issue.

Method 3: Look for Printer Errors

This method to fix the Canon Printer Not Connecting to Wi-Fi issue involves carefully checking the Canon printer whether it is showing any error code or not. Ensure that your device is not showing any errors. You can inspect the panel of the Canon printer to check about the Errors, Flashing lights, or error codes. Canon program its printers with the latest technology that enable them to detect and reflect the errors by the way of flashing lights, error codes, etc. The errors generally arise due to the following reasons such as paper jams, sheet stock out, etc. If your device is showing any error code, then try to address that error before moving ahead.

Method 4: Check the Connectivity

Printers especially Canon require strong and reliable internet connectivity to perform up to its capabilities. Therefore, it would be wise to check the internet connectivity first to fix the Canon Printer Not Connecting to Wi-Fi issue. You have to perform the following checks:

  1. Make sure that the router is getting strong signals.
  2. Check the signal strength.
  3. Locate the printer and the router close to each other for better connectivity.
  4. Remove obstacles such as baby monitors, refrigerators, etc. as they may interfere with the signals.
  5. Reset the router (If needed).
  6. Disable windows firewall for a temporary period.

Summing Up

These were some of the easiest and reliable methods on How to Fix the Canon Printer Not Connecting to Wi-Fi. We hope you enjoyed the blog and read the complete literature till the very end. In case you need more in-detailed technical assistance from experts, then don’t forget to initiate the live chat.