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How to Fix Canon Printer Error 6000 – Cannon is the first name that comes to mind when we talk about the best printing devices. The printing devices offered by Canon are used worldwide and have a strong customer base. Due to its top-notch features such as low coast printing, better efficiency, easy to navigate interface, etc, this printer has created a separate place in everyone’s life. Minor technical issues with printers are common practices and even with Canon Printers, users have reported technical errors and one such error is 6000. If you are also facing such an issue and wanted to know How to Fix Canon Printer Error 6000, then you have landed on the right spot.

Canon being the pioneer brand in the world of printing devices has the reputation of delivering sophisticated and world-class printing devices. But even these devices can encounter technical glitches or errors. There could be many specific reasons that might lead to such as error. The Error 6000 is one of the commonly occurring errors faced by many users worldwide. It is encountered by the customers while trying to print any document or file in the printer. Here, in this blog, we will tell you How to Fix Canon Printer Error 6000 and will also discuss the causes behind this issue. So sit back, relax. Let’s get into it.How to Fix Canon Printer Error 6000

Causes Behind the Canon Printer Error 6000

There are several reasons due to which this issue can occur. Here we have listed some of them. Knowing the causes behind the issue will help in better understanding and troubleshooting the issue at the same time. So here are the possible causes behind the Error 6000.

  • Jammed papers.
  • Struck ink cartridge holder.
  • Connectivity issues.
  • The scratched sensor unit and line feed.
  • Multiple paper commands at the same time.
  • Not fitted paper tray.
  • Any blockage from outside or inside.
  • Driver issues of the printer.

Troubleshooting Methods to Fix Canon Printer Error 6000

Although, there are many possible causes behind the occurrence of this error. But there are only one or two main culprits behind this issue. Luckily there are few ways by which you can easily fix this issue and some of them are listed below. Follow these methods to fix the Canon Printer Error 6000.

Method 1: Power Cycle Paper Jam

This is the first and the foremost method by which you can fix Error 6000. To perform this method, you have to follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Firstly, open the Canon Printer doors to remove jammed papers struck between the rollers.
  • Secondly, eradicate the papers by pulling them directly.
  • Once done go to the main menu screen of the Canon Printer and look for Service Mode.
  • Pull the papers in service mode to increase the distance between rollers.

Method 2: Reset Canon Printer

There are times when a simple reset of the device can fix the issue. For resetting the Canon Printer, you have to follow the following steps:

  • Unplug the Canon Printer from the power outlet.
  • Wait for few seconds (say 30 seconds)
  • Now plug back all the wires disconnected at step 1 and turn the printer On.
  • Let the Printer become stable before moving further.
  • Once done press the power button and hold it for some time.
  • Now all you have to do is press the Stop button two times.
  • Repeat for few times and slowly release the button.
  • Up next you have to snap the Stop button at least 4 times.

Once done with all the steps check whether the issue has been fixed or not. in case it is not fixed the n move on to the third method.

Method 3: Inspect the Printer Installation

This is the third method to fix the Canon Printer Error 6000. It will be a wise thing to check whether the printer is properly installed or not. Sometimes an improper installation can also cause this issue. So follow the following steps to check whether the Canon Printer is properly installed or not.

  • At first, navigate to the Start > enter Settings.
  • From here go to the Devices
  • Now click on Printers and Scanners > search for Canon Printer.
  • In case the printer is not added, then add it by selecting the option “Add a Printer or Scanner”.
  • Wait for few moments and let the system detect your printer.
  • Make sure that the Canon Printer is fully turned on and in working condition.

Wrap Up

So this was all about How to Fix Canon Printer Error 6000. These methods along with their complete steps are the first choice solutions that you can use to resolve the Error 6000. We hope that you find out this blog helpful and your issue got resolved after reading the entire blog. To get the best results, make sure to filly adhere with all the methods & steps in the same exact same manner as mentioned in the blog. In case the issue still persists, then we suggest you get more detailed help regarding all your Canon Printer issues by initiating a live chat