HP Deskjet 2700 Printer Offline
February 15, 2022 Hp Printer Tech support 0 Comment

How to Fix HP Deskjet 2700 Printer Offline Problem? – Do you need to print an important document? Does your printer say it is offline? What does it mean? Most importantly, How would you fix the printer offline issue? You are not alone! The printer offline issue happens with many connected printers. Luckily, it can be resolved in a few minutes – a couple of steps. Learn How to Fix HP Deskjet 2700 Printer Offline Problem. Read through this article.

Before delving deep into the solution of fixing the HP Deskjet 2700 Printer Offline Problem, let’s know what does it means? The printer offline issue means your device has problems with the driver or wireless connection. Before starting the troubleshooting, ensure that you haven’t made any changes to the device. If this is not the case, let’s begin with the solution of How to Fix HP Deskjet 2700 Printer Offline Problem?

HP Printer Offline | Know the Culprit

Get familiar with the causes lying behind the printer offline issue. It will make the cumbersome tasks easy. Without further ado, go through the below-listed points to know why your HP Deskjet 2700 printer shows an offline issue. In other words, know the culprits that are delaying your work.

Causes HP Deskjet 2700 Printer Offline Issue:-

  1. The printer is not set as default
  2. Out of date drivers of the printer
  3. Firmware needs to be updated
  4. The printer setup is incomplete
  5. Connection is loose between devices

Therefore, the above-listed factors are responsible for causing HP Deskjet 2700 Printer Offline Issue. Now let’s proceed with the easy steps to resolve this error. Does this error seem complex? It is not!

Fix HP Deskjet 2700 Printer Offline Problem | Full Guide

Each reason causing HP Deskjet 2700 printer offline issue requires a different resolution. Let’s take a look at the instructions that address the several issues behind the printer offline problem. You don’t need to feel like you have to go through them all to resolve HP printer offline issue, do them in order. The easy fixes are listed first. They require less effort. Hence, you can get rid of this error in the first few steps.

Confirm the Printer Port | Windows Services Status

If your printer uses a WSD port, it could be the fixation of this error:-

  • Search for services on your device.
  • Find Function Discover Host Provider and Discovery Resource Publication.
  • Check startup type and status columns.
  • If the startup type is automatic and is running fine, perform the next step.
  • If they are blank with manual startup type, change it to automatic by navigating to properties.
  • Now click Start under the service status and hit OK.
  • Navigate to printer and devices, refresh or press F5.
  • Check your printer status by clicking on its name.

If your HP Deskjet printer 2700 is online, the error has been resolved. However, if it is still offline, move to the next resolution.

Resolve HP Deskjet 2700 Printer Offline Issue – Set it as Default

To resolve the HP Deskjet 2700 Printer Offline Problem, you may need to set your device as the default printer. Follow these steps.

  1. Open the devices menu through the start menu.
  2. Select printer & devices.
  3. Don’t let windows manage your default printer. Uncheck it if enabled.
  4. Choose your printer from the list. Probably the HP Deskjet 2700.
  5. If your printer is listed many times, choose that shows idle or online.
  6. Hit Manage>Set as Default.
  7. All done!

Try printing your document again. If still, the printer offline issue persists. Try the next method.

HP Print and Scan Doctor can Help!

  • You can use the HP print and scan doctor application to find and solve the error.
  • Once you have downloaded the application, allow it to run. Run this as an administrator (if needed).
  • Trust the source by clicking yes if prompted. Then follow the next step.
  • Hit the Start Button and select your printer (HP Deskjet 2700).
  • In case your printer is not listed, try restarting your printer.
  • After that, click Retry in the HP Print and Scan Doctor app.
  • This application will discover the connection issues.
  • Follow the prompts. Click Yes to turn on printer updates (If prompted).
  • Continue through prompts. Hit Yes if asked to set this device as the default printer.

You will know this method worked if your HP Deskjet printer status changed from “Offline” to “Online.” If it doesn’t happen, continue trying the next fixation.

Check your Connection to Resolve This Error

If you have connected your HP Deskjet 2700 printer via a wireless network, resolve the printer offline issue following the below-listed points.

  1. Restart your HP Deskjet 2700 printer by turning it off. Also, disconnect the power cord.
  2. Turn off your PC.
  3. Connect the power cord and turn on the HP Printer after 10 seconds.
  4. Disconnect the power cord from the router.
  5. Reconnect it after 10 seconds.
  6. When it reconnects. Turn on your system.
  7. Connect your HP Printer to the network.
  8. Try printing a report. If it does, you are all set!

Hopefully, the above-listed steps will help you Fix HP Deskjet 2700 Printer Offline Problem. However, if this fixation guide doesn’t help you and facing the same error, initiate the live chat with experts. They will help you out.