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How to Fix Slow Printing (Easily & Quickly) – If you own a printer to perform a wide array of printing jobs but your printer is suddenly plagued by slow printing, and you are looking to troubleshoot the issue, then you have reached the right place. With the changing time, the methods of work are also changing. Printers, today do more than just print. They allow the user to scan documents, copy files, print images, and much more. In short, they have a direct impact on the efficiency and productivity of the user. But if the same device stops working properly, then it can negatively impact the efficiency of an employee. Therefore, to save you from this hassle, here in this blog, we will tell you the simple tips & tricks that will teach you How to Fix Slow Printing (Easily & Quickly).

Printers are well known in the market for their versatility and high-speed printing, copying, faxing and scanning. But being electronic devices, they are prone to face technical defects. Slow printing or printer, not printing is one of the most common technical errors that is faced by users all around the world. Such issues can directly impact the user’s productivity and also lead to irritation as well especially when you are in a hurry to print an important file or document. Therefore, if you own a printer but your device is working slowly and you want to fix this issue as quickly as possible, then do consider reading this blog till the end to find out How to Fix Slow Printing (Easily & Quickly).

Reasons Why your Printer Prints Slow

Before moving on to How to Fix Slow Printing (Easily & Quickly), it would be wise to get familiar with the reasons that trigger the slow printing issue with your printer. Understanding the reasons will allow you to gauge knowledge about the issue and will also help you to identify and prevent the issue in the future. Here are the reasons why your printer prints slow:

  1. Missing or outdated drivers issue.
  2. Paper jams.
  3. Overloaded servers of the printer.
  4. Poor printer configurations.
  5. Ink or toner cartridges.

How to Fix Slow Printing (Easily & Quickly)

Image a situation where you urgently need to print any important file or document. You are short of time but your printer starts printing slowly. What will you do? Trust us, this is not the situation to be in. But don’t worry. If you are facing the same issue and you want to resolve it as quickly as possible, then do follow the methods mentioned down below:

Method 1: Power Cycle the Printer

The first method that will help you to get rid of this issue is by power cycling the printer. This involves performing a simple series of steps that you can perform at your home without any external support. So, here is How to Fix Slow Printing (Easily & Quickly) through this method:

  1. Start the process by turning off the printer. Press the power button on your printer to accomplish the same.
  2. Let the printer turn off completely.
  3. Now, remove all the wires from the printer including the power cable as well.
  4. Wait for a few seconds before proceeding further.
  5. Now, reattach all the wires back to the printer including the power cable.
  6. Turn on the printer by pressing the power button.

Method 2: Update the Drivers of your Printer

Outdated, corrupted, or faulty drivers will not allow the printer to work properly and efficiently. Therefore, if you want your printer to work up to its maximum capacity, then it is mandatory to keep the drivers updated. Here is How to Fix Slow Printing (Easily & Quickly) through this method:

  1. Open a web browser and go to the official website of your printer’s manufacturer.
  2. Navigate to the website and move on to the driver section.
  3. Enter the printer name and model number in the fields and press Enter.
  4. Once done, from the list of results choose the most appropriate and latest drivers for your printer.
  5. Click on the download button to download the printers into your system.
  6. Follow all the on-screen instructions to install the same.

Method 3: Restart the Printer Spooler Service

The printer spooler is a service provided by windows that is liable for managing all the print jobs sent to the printer and any issue with the printer spooler can restrict the printer to work up to its maximum capability. So, here is How to Fix Slow Printing (Easily & Quickly) through this method:

  1. Open the Run command box by pressing the Windows + R key.
  2. In the space type services.msc and hit Ok.
  3. Once done, click right on the Printer Spooler located in the Services and choose the option Stop.
  4. Now, again press the Windows + R button to open the Run Command box.
  5. In the space type spool and hit Ok.
  6. Open the folder named PRINTERS.
  7. Now, delete all the files available in the folder.
  8. Move to the Services windows and click right on the Print Spooler.
  9. Choose the option Start.

So, this is How to Fix Slow Printing (Easily & Quickly). You can follow the methods mentioned above and improve the speed of your printer. If you need more in-detailed technical support, then feel free to talk to our team by initiating the live chat.