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How to Reset Canon Pixma Ink Cartridges – Ink cartridges are small containers that play a critical role in a printing device. These small utilities hold ink needed to perform printing activities such as printing a file, paper, document, picture, etc. Thus, proper maintenance of ink cartridges is a must. One should inspect the ink levels at regular intervals and always use high-quality ink cartridges in the printer. If you want to reset the ink cartridges of Canon Printer and you are from a non-technical background, then don’t worry, we have got you covered. Through this blog, we will tell everyone the steps on How to Reset Canon Pixma Ink Cartridges.

It is always recommended to use authentic and compatible ink cartridges in Canon Printers. Doing this will ensure longer ink life, good printing quality, and less damage to the printer. Maintaining adequate ink levels is important for hassle-free printing and one should even know reset the ink cartridges as resetting the ink cartridges itself can resolve many problems. Through this blog by Weservie247, we are going to tell you few simple techniques on How to Reset Canon Pixma Ink Cartridges.

Method 1: Basic Process to Reset Canon Pixma Ink Cartridges

Canon is one of the prominent brands that deliver high-quality printing devices. The printers delivered by this particular brand come with lots of features such as chip-enabled ink cartridges. Yes, you heard it right. The ink cartridges used in Canon printers have chips enabled on them. The major role of this chip is to inform the user regarding the low ink levels. In other words, this chip sends a signal and informs the user when the ink levels get below the required amount. Thus, you need to adhere to a basic step process by which you can reset Canon Pixma Ink Cartridges.

Step 1: Eliminate the Ink Cartridge from the Canon Pixma: This step includes removing the ink cartridges from the Canon Pixma and then inserting it into the resetter main channel.

Step 2: Properly Insert the Cartridge: The second step in this basic process is to make sure that the ink cartridge that you have inserter under the resetter must contact the resetter. In other words, the chip of the ink cartridge must make contact with the resetter contact plate. You can check this by looking at the LED light. The flashing LED light indicates that the chip has successfully made contact with the resetter contact plate.

Step 3: Hold the Ink cartridge: Now press and hold the ink cartridge until the LED light becomes steady. You can now remove the ink cartridge.

Step 4: Install the Ink Cartridge: Once done with all the above-mentioned three steps, you have to reinsert the ink cartridge into the Canon Pixma.

Method 2: Use Power Button to Reset Canon Pixma Ink Cartridges

This second and one of the most useful methods to reset the ink cartridges of Canon Pixma. You can use the power button to reset the ink cartridge. Doing this can fix many issues related to the canon printer. To perform this method you have to follow a series of steps mentioned below. But make sure to check the make and model number of the printer before following this method.

  • Make sure that the printer is Off. If not, then switch off the printer.
  • Once done, press the power button and the stop button at the same time.
  • Now leave the Stop button and again repeat step number 2.
  • Twice press the Stop button.
  • After 30 seconds, you will get “O” on the display.
  • Here, press the power button again.
  • Unplug all the cords attached to the printer including the USB and power cord.
  • Once, done press the power button and open the ink cartridge panel.
  • Plug all the wires back and close the panel of ink cartridges.
  • Release the power switch

Wrap Up

So these were the methods and the steps on How to Reset the Canon Pixma Ink Cartridges. We understand how important is to resolve your technical issues, especially with the printers. As most of the printers don’t work without properly inserted ink cartridges or even if the ink levels are low. Thus, knowing how to reset the ink cartridges become a must.

We hope that this blog was helpful to you and your issue got fixed after following the methods mentioned in this blog. It is advised to follow all the methods along with their steps in the complete same order are mentioned and do not skip any step to reap out the best result. So, try out these methods, and do let us know if you were able to reset the Canon Pixma ink cartridges or not.

In case the issue is still not fixed, then we recommend you to get more help in detail regarding all your Canon Pixma-related issues by initiating the live chat.